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Wellness Exam Specialist

Robert DiMasi, DO -  - Family Medicine

Premier Care Clinics

Robert DiMasi, DO

Family Medicine located in Oldsmar, FL

You might be tempted to brush off your yearly exams if you aren't sure how they serve you. Dr. Robert DiMasi uses wellness exams as an opportunity to get a big-picture view of your health at Premier Care Clinics in Oldsmar, Florida. Then, he uses that information to help you fine-tune your health care, ranging from prevention to chronic disease management. Schedule your yearly exam today by calling the clinic or using the online scheduling system.

Wellness Exam Q & A

What’s the purpose of the annual wellness exam?

During an annual wellness exam, Dr. DiMasi assesses your general health and well-being. The purpose of a wellness visit is to take preventive action against disease and manage your current health concerns.

Annual wellness exams are also the perfect opportunity to:

  • Update your health status
  • Refocus on improving your health
  • Create a personalized prevention plan
  • Manage chronic conditions
  • Establish a regular connection with your doctor
  • Make sure you’re up-to-date on your vaccinations

What happens during a wellness exam?

During the wellness exam, Dr. DiMasi uses the information you provide and his own observations to get an overall snapshot of your health. He discusses your health, habits, and concerns.

You can expect Dr. DiMasi to check the following during the wellness exam:

  • Vitals and measurements (i.e. body mass index, blood pressure, heart rate, etc)
  • Hearing and sight
  • Fitness level and fall risk
  • Medical and family health history updates
  • Current prescriptions and supplements
  • Signs of depression or cognitive impairment

After the exam, Dr. DiMasi may suggest further lab testing. From there, he establishes a plan involving follow-up care, lifestyle adjustments, referrals to specialists, and any other services you may need.

Dr. DiMasi also provides lifestyle counseling to help you maintain or improve your health. He can arrange for help with weight loss and nutritional guidance as part of his specialty.

What are the benefits of a wellness exam?

The annual wellness exam allows Dr. DiMasi to identify any health conditions before they become a bigger problem. Catching medical concerns and treating them early allows for better outcomes.

The results from your exam also provide baseline data about you, which Dr. DiMasi can use for comparison purposes from year to year. If he notices an uptick in cholesterol, for example, he can address it with preventive action.

Your wellness exam is a great time to establish or deepen that patient-doctor relationship, especially if you don't see Dr. DiMasi any other time. At Premier Care Clinics, you get extra time with Dr. DiMasi, so you can fully discuss your concerns without feeling rushed.

If you need to schedule your yearly wellness exam, contact Dr. DiMasi online or over the phone.